i feel very unsatisfied with everything in my life right now and i wish i was at a different point in my life but i’m not i’m stuck right here and everything just feels so blah

Tonight’s taco night!

I get to spend the evening stuffing my face with my favorite food & my favorite people: my brother, my sister-in-law, my sister & my cutie patootie of a nephew.

I’m so excited.

Anyone who ever feels anything for me is based off of looks but that’s all it is. Nobody wants to date a sad girl, nobody wants to deal with it. I’m not interested in being fixed so ultimately they’ll feel useless so they quit while they’re ahead but not even bother. That’s okay, though. It saves me the trouble of investing anything just to be let down. It saves me time. Nobody wants to take the time to understand, they stick me in the same category of everyone else when it’s not the case. Everyone is different, every feeling is different. But nobody wants to do the dirty work. They all want someone who’s both physically attractive & emotionally stable. I may not be either of those things but when I love, I give every thing I’ve got. Ask anyone I know. I give it all. That’s okay, they’re missing out.


I think mckindor should come into my room but that’s just me.

Are you serious right now dude

b0neyknees asked:
ay girl, come slither into my room.