Glacier National Park Pt 2, MT


I just…. there is so much wrong with this like THIS IS A SONG FOR PLUS SIZED POSITIVITY IN A WORLD WHERE THERE BASICALLY IS NONE and thin people STILL have to make it all about them and their feelings while girls are literally KILLING THEMSELVES out here to fit into a standard of beauty that should be considered arbitrary. 

I just. I need to sit down a moment I am literally so mad. 

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Got a hole in my heart that stretches from coast to coast
constantly ripped apart from what I want the most
and if I could find whoever designed you
there’d be so much I wanna know
since I don’t like my shape it takes time to prepare
a chronic illness comes in the form of despair
do you wanna know something?
you are the one thing that keeps me up (because I care)



How to gracefully deal with gay rumors.

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You were in my dream last night. Only for a split second. It was nice to see your face but I really hope it doesn’t happen again.